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How we made our podcasts

We made our podcasts on Mac computers using the iLife suite of programs by Apple. iLife consists of iPhoto (a picture files manager), iMovie (a video files manager), Garage Band (an audio editor) and iWeb (a podcast and blog publisher). It costs $89 CAD. iLife is integrated with iTunes (an audio files manager). iTunes is free and works on Macs and PCs.

You can make podcasts on a PC. There is no PC version of iLife or any comparable integrated suite of programs for PCs. Click here for links to some articles about how to recreate iLife functionality on a PC. As Matthew David says, "Fortunately, not only can you replicate what the Apple folks have but you might be able to one-up them on the functionality of some products, and others are just downright cheaper."

Wayne MacPhail has a podcast about how to make podcasts. You can find it on the podcast network.

  1. We did some research into how to make a podcast. We spoke to Jim Moore, an audio technician at OISE/UT. We looked at the online tutorials on the Apple website - click here for more about the tutorials.
  2. We made a podcast recipe.
  3. We made scripts for each podcast.
  4. We recorded the interviews.
  5. We edited the interviews in Garage Band.

If you do not have a website, you can publish your podcasts in an .Mac account and submit them to the iTunes Store. .Mac accounts start at $139 CAD/year.